Green Design

It seems everywhere we go merchandise is labeled with the word “green”. We are now aware that a “green” product is one that in some way is better for our environment. Unfortunately, as yet there are no regulations governing this label. Anyone can claim their product is “green”, or good for the environment. It is up to us to dig deeper and ask questions. In the interior design field there are specific questions you can ask to determine a product’s claims.

How far is the item shipped?

Any product that can be bought locally wastes less energy– and money.

Is it made from a material that is endangered?

Before you purchase an exotic wood floor make sure it is not from trees on an endangered list.

Can the product be recycled when you are done with it?

For instance on commercial jobs, if it is large enough, Armstrong will pick up old ceiling tiles when you purchase a new ceiling from them and they will recycle the material.

Is the product made with recycled post-consumer waste?

Look at content labels to find out what percentage of the material is recycled.

Is the furniture you intend to purchase good quality?

If so, it can be reupholstered at a later date or become a treasured heirloom– instead of landfill waste.

How is the product manufactured?

Look into a company’s policies. If, during manufacturing, all the factory waste is flushed down our river ways it is probably not the product you need.

Eventually we will have standardized labeling to make this process easier. Until then, have your designer help you research products you are interested in. For more information send email to:

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