Step Five – The Cobbler’s work for their shoes

Work in progress. If you think that this would be a terrific time to go on vacation, think again. You need to be there to answer questions about how you want things to function and look.  I cringe to think how differently from my vision things would be if I wasn’t here.  The electrician wanted to know where I wanted the lights placed, to confer with me when where I wanted my nice backsplash tile to go interfered with code requirements.   Some cabinets were installed in the wrong place but we were able to straighten it all out– because I was there.  The workmanship might be just fine but not at all the way you imagined.   Everyone working here is doing a great job but there isn’t necessarily a steady stream of progress, some days no one comes…

Frustration, impatience, tension between people.

Glimmers of light, progress, new pieces emerge.  It seems so close but yet so far to a finished product.

It has now been three and a half weeks since I have been able to cook.  My dogs are no longer any good for guarding; they think it’s okay for anyone to come in our house.

There is a layer of construction dust throughout the entire house.  I am not as friendly as I use to be.

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