What Are The Components of Contemporary Design?

Have you ever looked at a photo of a room, knew it was contemporary, but not been able to put your finger on what makes it so? Below are some of the rules of thumb of contemporary design.
1) Contemporary design has a horizontal feel. Furniture is low backed; even barstools won’t show over the counter top. It has clean lines including the foam in the furniture which is hard to maintain those straight lines. This can make it uncomfortable to sit on but furniture manufacturers are making an effort to improve it.
2) Casegoods, including book cases and shelving are built-in, not pieces of furniture.
3) Flooring is usually hardwood with area rug accents.
4) Windows have only blinds or a simple drape, any valances or top treatments or non existent.
5) Simplicity is key, there are few accessories and they may have a sculptural shape.
6) Colors are neutral, although some interiors will have colored accents or art. Interest is created with texture.
As designers we have access to a wealth of contemporary furniture sources.

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