Testimonials from Commercial Interior Design Clients in Colorado Springs

Office spaces need to be highly functional yet provide the ambience your clients expect whether it is a feeling of stabability or a cutting edge interior design. Costly mistakes can be avoided by having a professional Colorado Springs interior designer on your team from the beginning of your project. To speak with a certified Colorado Springs interior designer call now for a free consultation: (719) 593-7771


Hiring Gina was the best decision I made when we decided it was time to expand our business and renovate our location.

"While I was busy with the logistics of opening our new location, Gina took all of the work off my shoulders by offering her expertise in creating a beautiful and professional image for our business. I had no idea how much work would be involved, which is why I was very lucky to have found her and surprised by how reasonable her rates were after making a few calls to other places. She made sure that by the date we were ready to move in, every last detail was in place and designed to please our clients.

Since receiving Gina's services, our gym has appeared in magazines, we've received attention from other leaders in our industry, and many of the clients who have joined our gym have mentioned that the look and feel of our gym had an impact on their decision to join. I'm very proud to show my business off, when I wasn't before, and that's all due to Gina's talent and vision.

The growth we have experienced in our business as a result of Gina's work on our renovation is why I'm hiring Gina again to help me decorate my brand new house!


- Rainy Pence
Owner- Prime Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu www.primebjj.com
Seacret Agent- Seacret Minerals from the Dead Sea



Among Gina’s many interior design talents is an ability to get a feel for her clients’ taste and not impose her own taste on the project.

"We have worked with Gina for over ten years.  She has been our interior designer for two Colorado Springs offices as well as a number of projects in our home. 

What we love about working with Gina is her ability to suggest things we would never think of.   She was able to help us select artwork and accent pieces at very reasonable prices that are just what we needed to complete the look we were trying to achieve. Among Gina’s many talents is an ability to get a feel for her clients’ taste and not impose her own taste on the project.  She makes clear, confident recommendations and gives excellent guidance, yet she is not attached to the final decision and does not override her clients’ choices.

When we were redoing the interior design of our kitchen and bathrooms, Gina came with us to choose tile and actually walked around the granite yard to help find the perfect pieces for our countertops.  She coordinated all the subcontractors and took the worry out of making sure the various pieces came together at the right time and that each job was done properly.

Not only is Gina able to make good recommendations for finish-out, but she also excels at looking at a space and seeing whether it will meet the intended purpose.  Her expertise in this regard was invaluable during the time we were looking for new office space last year.  She could walk into a space and quickly point out the pros and cons to help us make decisions.  The space we finally chose required some pretty extensive build-out and Gina’s suggestions saved us from making big mistakes—things like moving doorways, adjusting counter and cabinet heights, locating electrical outlets, and a host of other issues that made a huge difference in our everyday enjoyment of the space once we moved in."

- Ellen J. Powers, CFP and Stephen R. Moore, CFP - Partners Capital Management, Inc.


Gina is highly knowledgeable in her field, totally professional, honest, reliable, and a joy to work with.

"I have known Gina Olsson for eleven years.  My wife and I had her advise us regarding upgrading the décor of the living room and dining room of our 1919 residence.  We have been totally satisfied with her recommendations, her choice of contractors, and the execution of the work. As a commercial property manager I have also benefited from her consultations regarding the interior design of my office, selection of furniture for a medical office building hallway, and the extensive redecorating of another medical office building’s common areas.  This included selection and installation of wall prints, repainting the walls, installing new exterior trash receptacles, new ceiling tiles, also new paneling and lighting in the elevator. Gina is highly knowledgeable in her field, totally professional, honest, reliable, and a joy to work with."

- John A. Haney


We have been very pleased to work with Gina and would highly recommend her to anyone looking for the "Best Interior Designer".

"I have known Gina personally and professionally for several years. Over the course of our relationship I have come to trust and rely on her keen eye and her sense of style. I have had the pleasure of having Gina complete the interior design of two different law office locations; she has helped my family and me at our home as well.
Each time we have worked with Gina the experience has been extraordinary. She quickly integrated with our team on each project. In our experience, Gina always thinks ahead and “outside the box.” She anticipated our interior design style and needs and was always quick to recommend a supplier or other expert where needed. I really appreciate that Gina is not shy - she suggested new ideas and did not hesitate to demonstrate when we were heading down the wrong path. Finally, Gina showed extreme patience with us – even when it took a while to see the big picture.
We continue to get high praise for Gina from our clients and others who visit our office. Visitors are uniformly impressed with the look and functionality of our office space. Gina helped us achieve our goal of “Wow” without going overboard.
Gina Lane Olsson has my unqualified endorsement! "

- Kevin Forbush, Attorney and Counselor at Law - Forbush Goldberg PLLC


With Gina’s help, the whole process became organized, scheduled, and ultimately beautiful.

"Pikes Peak National Bank hired Gina to help us completely remodel our main branch building. With such a large space, it was difficult to choose colors, carpet, wall coverings, paint and furniture without becoming totally overwhelmed. With Gina’s help, the whole process became organized, scheduled, and ultimately beautiful. Gina took care of scheduling the contractors, finding the right materials and colors, and allowed me to continue to do my job. Gina focuses on all of the details most people neglect; from the ceiling tiles to the stairwells to the plants in the lobby, Gina’s attention to the details results in a wonderful big picture.
Remodeling a large building like ours had to occur while we still conducted business. Gina was particularly sensitive to that and we were able to renovate in the areas we needed to with little affect on our ability to serve our customers. Without Gina’s help, the renovation would have taken much longer than it did and would not have come out nearly as well. Her services are invaluable when remodeling a commercial space."

- Robin J. Roberts, President, Pikes Peak National Bank



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